Hazel, Durham

Introducing Hazel who has been exploring a call to ordination through the Church of England Ministry Experience Scheme.

Hazel was recommended for ordination training after her BAP (Bishop’s Advisory Panel).


Welcome to Northern Call, a vocations blog by students from the Diocese of Manchester who are training for ordained ministry.

Over the next two years we will follow the three new ordinands as they begin their theological training.

It has been a long, emotional journey to reach this stage. Each has gone through a detailed and challenging discernment process which culminated in attendingĀ an assessment called a BAP (Bishop’s Advisory Panel). It is through this assessment that candidates are recommended for training towards ordination.

Amy, Hazel and Matt will introduce themselves and their modes of study, and they will share their highs and lows as they follow God’s call on their life.

We hope that you enjoy this blog and the journeys that will shared here. Please keep all our ordinands in your prayers as they step forward into the next phase of their calling.



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