The power of three

Matt: Well a lot has happened since my last post: we started a new academic year, had a week’s residential “Summer School” and I have been involved with a mission in Newcastle. Everything felt as though it was going really well. Assignments were in on time and I’d been able to put some more effort into them than before due to the fact our youngest has started primary school. Even work hasn’t been a problem, projects I had been working on were coming to fruition and the baton handed over to people who were going to run the race to its completion. I was feeling pretty good, I probably thought to myself I’d finally got this nailed.

Well my spirit was well and truly shattered this week by an essay result. It wasn’t even a bad score, well I’ve had worse let’s just say. But the feedback destroyed me, it opened up all the old wounds of “you’re not good enough”. What I had in mind for my future seemed to becoming more and more distant. This feeling lasted for three full days. I had been asked to give an update of how things were going with my training, but I laid off writing anything because at that time I had absolutely nothing edifying to write.

Last year’s study of the Old Testament rocked me, it made me re-evaluate what my faith was built upon, and it took about three weeks for me to understand that it’s my relationship with God that is at the foundation of my faith. Not any clever apologetics I think I may have, and definitely not what I already “know” about scripture. God called ME, he called me with all my failings, he called me in the knowledge that I do struggle with literacy and even in light of that he still wants me. So, if God’s for me, even I can’t mess that up.

After theologically reflecting on these blogs of mine, and you will do a ton of theological reflecting when you start training, it struck me that God really does like this number three. It took me “thirty” years to start training, it took me “three” weeks to understand the basis of my faith and just after thinking I had got something “nailed” it took me “three” days to realise what I meant to God.

And you know what, I’m not going to unpick that anymore, because I know what that means to me and for me. It may mean the same to you or it may mean something different and that’s OK because our God is a God of relationship. My relationship is different to yours, not better, not worse just different, but one thing’s a certainty if you’re reading this you’re called to be In His Service.


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