Induction week hit me like a sledgehammer!

Matt: It was back in November 2016 when I went to my BAP (Bishop’s Advisory Panel) selection conference and it seemed like an age before my course started. But boy induction week hit me like a sledgehammer. Since starting on 10 September I have had seven sessions including a safeguarding day. One test assignment written and another group assignment underway.

My advice to anyone in a similar position would be try not to leave too big a gap between BAP and starting your training. I have found it difficult to try and resume focus again. That said, I’ve met a great group of ladies and gents, a real mixed bag of Readers and ordinands. There’s no pecking order at All Saint’s – we train together. Our pathways may be different, but our ministries are very similar. That shows in the input that everyone puts into the sessions and everyone is valued for ….well for just being there.

Work, home and study life is the biggest challenge. I can’t simply burn the midnight oil to study when I want. Especially if I’m up for a 12 hour shift at 5am and the calendar is getting tighter and tighter. Next weekend is my first residential weekend and I can’t remember ever being away from the wife and kids for a whole weekend.

Ah well, such is this cross I must bear. I think a 12 year old malt may help me get through the sleepless nights of not being woken up by a three year old at 2am and then finding the eldest trying to get in at 4. Did I mention how amazing my wife is?

On the upside I’ve been cured of Dyslexia, Yeeeeaaaaaa! Apparently now I have something called Irlen Syndrome, Boooooooo! Still being tested but I believe I get to wear cool tinted glasses and don’t get told off about them.

Going through the process of all this testing however showed me what lengths we go to in putting labels on ourselves: Dyslexic, suffer from Irlen’s, poor academic, not good enough, too fat, too thin, male, female, not holy enough…

We make a ton of excuses for not doing what we are called to do. What life has shown me is God overcomes these and he really uses us not-rights. If you have a look at that Book it’s full of us not-rights becoming just-rights!

With every blessing


2 thoughts on “Induction week hit me like a sledgehammer!

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  1. I found reading ‘we make a ton of excuses for not doing what we are called to do’ and ‘God uses us not-rights’ so helpful. Thank you. And every blessing for your vocation in life and for your family.

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  2. Thank you very much for this. I feel like I really needed to read ‘we make a ton of excuses for not doing what we are called to do’. I need to pray about this. Every blessing for you and your family in the times ahead.

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